With Storm marrying Black Panther, one could imagine a scenario here where the two heroes could resolve a confrontation through diplomatic means. What is it they always say? If the world were run by women... Let's be honest, if the world were run by women, there would only be peace because everyone was too confused about what the problem was supposed to be.

Alright, seriously... this is an interesting match up. Both characters have high potential for destructive force, with Wonder Woman probably being the more obvious of the two. Her style involves direct (neck breaking) action, employing her incredible Amazon strength to disarm and harm.

Storm, generally more proficient when working with a team, is still quite a capable solo competitor. Her most notable offensive would be her ability to control lightning bolts in seemingly impossible situations.

This would without a doubt be her only chance against the Justice League beauty, and it's a very real one.

Coming down to the wire, I think the nature of the characters leans the outcome toward Wonder Woman. Her aggressive tact polarizes the more typically cerebral Storm, who could very easily be subdued before willingly attacking.

Confronting her weather-riding foe, Wonder Woman deems it inappropriate to wield the weapon of Thor, considering it gave her such a substantial advantage. In the interest of fairness, she tosses the weapon aside, facing Storm as intended, with her own strengths rather than those of the Norse God.

The airborne combat begins, as Storm flaunts her powers. Wonder Woman declares her strength to more than a match for mere bad weather.

WW grapples with Storm's ankle, no doubt jarring her, but Storm is able to gather her barings as the two approach a rollercoaster.

Wonder Woman refuses to give up, but as Storm mercilessly attacks her with lightning bolt after lightning bolt, Wonder Woman has little choice but to submit to the awesome power of the heavens.

Storm asks forgiveness, and cradles the body of her fallen sister.

Well, if you had any doubts in the impartial nature of 'the tape' here's another cross next to my name. Storm, of course, picking up a decisive victory.

I think one would honestly have to attribute the victory to the time period. Today Storm has slipped into relative obscurity in titles likeX-Treme X-Men, and her upcoming marriage to be followed up in the pages of Black Panther.

Conversely; with a feature film on the way to be directed by fan-favourite, Joss Whedon; things are certainly looking promising for Wonder Woman. The character also features in the well received Justice League Unlimited cartoon, which likely surpasses the forgotten X-Men romp that likely served Storm so many votes.